Monday, May 21, 2012

New Zealand Photos

Got to tack on New Zealand to the end of Cook Islands - you know, to see where the Polynesians ended up and why they never made it that little bit further to Australia. It's gorgeous and the people are really friendly, in a chirpy authentic way.

That accent ex-sent! In the middle of a word an a often = i, and sometimes e = a, and in some other words the i = e. Hips are heps, heads are hids and the captain is "the ciptin"! Honey, it's vowel incest.

Also, the Kiwis love their rugby. REALLY, they do. That and I remember eating a lot of chutney. 
We rented this car (stick!) from Jucy Rentals. I liked calling the Jucy hotline because it answers, "this is Lucy from Jucy!" which was really fun and also I selected their bottom of the barrel insurance policy termed, "chance it!". The rental was really cheap. Cheap as. That's how they say it, the phrase just ends there. "Jucy rentals is cheap as..." or "that jumper is cute as..."  Don't bother waiting for a noun or comparative metaphor to to drop on the other end, nothing will. Speaking Kiwi's easy as...

New Zealand's south island is vast and wild and reminded me of savage Patagonia, probably because their latitudes are much the same. I believe Poplars act as a sort of wind wall. A lot of these beautiful trees also populate Patagonia.
NZ uses the Maori (?) greeting "Kia Ora", shortened from the "Kia Orana" greeting I learned in the Cook Islands. Both mean something like, "may you live long.." a very gracious intro, I must say! 

Hung out on K Road in Aukland, and then hit ChristChurch. I wonder what Christians are thinking with a place called Christchurch having been battered with two devastating earthquakes in two years. They're woefully silent, but were it called Sodom, imagine all the nonsense they'd attribute to god. Christchurch must be terribly naughty with all its brimstone rubble and a bounce-back hindered by its residents racing off before lightning strikes thrice underfoot. The city lost up to a fifth of its populace.

'Twas sad to see a city so obviously affected and besides the rubble, just empty buildings that were deemed not structurally sound. I didn't even take photos, it was too depressing, but two memorable things: the only gay club, Cruz, was flooded with young girls and when we asked if it was it some kind of a bachelorette party, the locals told us, "It's one of the only spots in the city left to dance."

And then I remember seeing a scaffold wrapped outside of a business, and on the scaffold it was written, in big type, "Don't worry it's safe inside -- we're only painting!" Christchurch is sad as...

Much happier is the action-packed, thrill-seeking, outdoor destination of Queenstown. A natural fit! Even for Mr. CIPD: Cook Islands Police Department.
Yes, that is a parachute stuck in a tree!! Not a good day for para-adventure publicity.
Do these shoes creep you out? These shoes creep me out. I don't care how many colors you make them in, gorilla shoes will always creep me out!
Did you know that in New Zealand they have a different word for hiking? They call it TRAMPING. I about died seeing all the signs for tramping. I should have taken photos and tagged myself... tramping.

We made the long drive to legendary Milford Sound.

Took a couple hour cruise on the beautiful sound that Captain Cook missed twice.

 The valley the glacier wrought!
Always in search of a signature pose.
Last but not least: Bam's epic, interminable, unforgiveable "short cut"! 


Eddie in OKC said...

I'm with you on the gorilla shoes. They totally creep me out.

samael7 said...

It's been great following your relocation and excursions Down Under. Many good memories. I was to many of the places you've been in 2001, including Milford Sound and its lovely fairy falls.

I want to go back and visit again soon!