Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is AIRbnb.com the new Rentboy?

"It's realllly shameful," declared my friend XOX. "I feel like a hooker!"

XOX had just been renting out his spare room on Airbnb.com. Airbnb is basically a site that charges for couchsurfing (in 192 countries!). But there are added service opportunities. Read on! The last lodger XOX took for his spare room was an attractive, butch Kiwi dude and one of the advantages of airbnb, as the world gets smaller, is that you get to meet people who are local to the area (it's not a soulless lonely Lost In Translation-like hotel room). So for curious travelers... and for people needing to offset rent or a mortgage...it's a win/win arranged marriage of convenience.

Over a few friendly beers and after explaining the neighborhood its surrounding attractions, the Kiwi asked how many renters XOX has had - and queried as to the reason his room was so popular. XOX suggested perhaps it was the affordable price? The location? The Kiwi said, "It's because you're so handsome!" and XOX surprised himself by responding, immediately, "Do you want to make out?"

When he woke up the next morning beside his lodger in his own bed, XOX made some excuse to get out of the house and disappear from town; the aforementioned shame being so awkward. But what I most wanted to know was, "Did you give him a discount?" XOX answered, "No. But he gave me a tip!"

And they both gave each other glowing reviews on Airbnb.com.

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Tony said...

Now that's a hoot. You can't make that stuff up.