Friday, May 04, 2012

I went to South America so you don't have to!

Now you can get my travel memoir, You Can Run, on Amazon used for 44 cents!! Soon you will get to read my two cents for two cents. They sell it for more at awesome retailers like Darlinghurst Bookshop or you can get it free at the...wait for it... Denver Public Library! Hat's off to the buyer at the DPL!

walter and I at Iguazu Falls
You see I got this email which was better than a plug in the New York Times. It made my week. Better than that - it made me realize that book (which I made nothing on) was worth writing.

Dear Jesse-
My name is Topher and I am 20 years old.  I've never done anything consequential or seen anyplace out of the ordinary.  I'm that over-ambitious 20-something everybody knows.  I've always been spinning my wheels, stuck in place, and largely unsatisfied.  My tastes for adventure usually landed me in trouble.
A month ago I woke up and decided to sell everything, ditch my apartment, everything in it, and my little-black book too.  I resolved to travel until the money (or my taste for danger) runs out.
How serendipitous then that I happened across your book in the warrens of the Denver Public Library.  I cannot thank you enough for having written it.  You have simultaneously encouraged and entertained me.  I am heartened knowing that there are other gay, glam, and gritty gays out there.  "You Can Run" was so helpful.
Kudos and happy adventuring

Thank you Topher and happy trails! Can't wait to read your adventures! 

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