Friday, May 18, 2012

Fat Swan in Swine Lake

Trevor Ashley stars in Fat Swan, a wild send up of Black Swan now playing at Seymour Centre in Sydney. I mean, who wouldn't want to see this?

Fat Swan's marketed as adults-only "Panto" which is a type of theatre I'm unfamiliar with. In fact, I confused it with pantomime and thought it would be silent and starring Marcel Marceau. Don't judge! They don't have this back home.

A Panto, I discover, is all sound, all talk-back, over the top good vs evil with a hyper in-on-the-joke sensibility that lends itself to breaking character. It doesn't get much more ridiculously amazing than Natalie Portley performing "Swine Lake" in a costume with six nipples. And I'm still laughing at the masturbation sequence set to "Greatest Love of All". For all the complaints of a dearth of originality around these parts, Fat Swan also felt like authentically original Australian hilarity... via Hollywood, Tchaikovsky, and Commedia dell'arte.

But the best part? She made "Michael" come up on stage to practice his ballet positions! 

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