Thursday, May 10, 2012

EVOLVED, at last

Just after the not-so-shocking passing of amendment 1 in North Carolina yesterday, Obama smacks bigotry down by finally voicing his support for marriage equality - a courageous election year gamble. Posts racing around Facebook are amusing and enlightening and it's certainly been quite a day so I thought I'd interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to share a few:
North Carolina: Some things never change! 

I'd marry you!
Thank you, Mr. President! (You can thank him here). In other news, Mitt Romney today voiced his tepid support of interracial marriage!


Anonymous said...

Interesting. When I worked a Disney World Florida in the mid-'70's, a co-worker told me about the insurance policy that he bought through the company for his male partner. Hey, cool! So, I applied to cover my girl friend on my policy as her parents couldn't afford it. According to the rules, we had to be married, but, two guys or two gals didn't have to be married to be covered.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I find myself, an independent Republican, in complete agreement with President Obama. He should be congratulated for his historic and brave statement. Looks like I'll be crossing party lines in November. I was extremely pleased to see conservative Ted Olson, an official in the Reagan Administration, on the Sunday talk show circuit state "I support same-sex marriage because I AM a conservative not despite being conservative."
Your Friend Jimmy

Jesse Archer said...

@anonymous, that's a shame to hear that inequality sometimes works in reverse. So did you get married for coverage?
@Jimmy - glad to hear it. I don't know why the conservative party platform wouldn't respect individual rights, responsibilities and liberties...