Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coupon Clipping for the New Generation

The world of Daily Deals gets personal with this bargain, erm, snipped from Groupon Philippines.

Just look at that kid! So happy! Parents, beware. Do not put your child up to stock photography. Because they will never escape the trauma of a past that includes poster boy for circumcision.

When I posted on FB, it led to a fiery debate about circumcision and I'm strongly on the side of not understanding why it's acceptable, encouraged even, as above, to snip off the anatomy of un-consenting infants. I think circumcision is a perfect example of why we must always question, never blindly follow, TRADITION. What's next? Discounted foot binding in Groupon China?

Someone on FB noticed the fine print above, "can be given as gifts" - what an amazing gift idea! You can also recommend to friends! But the best comment on this circumcision deal:

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