Friday, April 06, 2012

Keeping it Crazy in Melbourne

Great news for two of my films currently scorching the festival circuit! Going Down in La La Land is getting the best Hollywood ending ever - a Los Angeles release at none other than Grauman's Chinese Theaters! This is a huge deal for an indie film, so I hope stars Matthew Ludwinski, Allison Lane, Michael Medico and Casper Andreas are preparing to plant their paws into the cement! Please help with both NY and LA premieres and get VIP tickets, red carpet action, DVD pre-orders and a ton more prizes when you back the Going Down in La La Land Kickstarter campaign.

Here I am looking possessed in Melbourne's MX paper.
Our comedy short Half-Share just played two sold-out screenings at London's BFI and got great notice!  James Waygood writes: "For those familiar with the American scene they’ll notice that this short is crammed full of staple talent who don’t fail to deliver. The film is a knowingly outrageous portrait of gay excess on Fire Island through the eyes of the introvert (by comparison) Mac. Insane outfits, larger than life personalities, and over-clocked sex drives, this comedy here is brilliantly written with some side-splitting one liners. But the narrative still has time to be sweet and find heart."

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