Friday, April 06, 2012

Green Park Hotel is Not a Gay Bar!

At Green Park Hotel last night my friend Gerald was accosted by a hostile lesbian named Ashley because he had walked by and said to her, "Hi Lesbian!" He didn't say it meanly, and but she ran over all erupted, "I'm the manager and I can kick you out for that!" Which is the role of a manager, right? Managers exist to snap and escalate non-situations.

Gerald told her he meant no offense but she carried on. "How would you like it if I walked by you and said Hi Faggot!?" Gerald said he wouldn't care. It's a gay bar. "This is not a gay bar!" returned Ashley.

Green Park is a mixed bar, sure, and it was a lot gayer a couple years ago when it was cooler - with an outdoor patio that no longer exists. But looking around it's still pretty gay with its clientele; its listings in the Star Observer and SX magazines which are stacked in the corner... so I ask her, "What do you mean this is not a gay bar?" Ashley spits, "We don't call it that because it would scare away everyone else," an answer that sounds disingenuous, like a closeted celebrity or a cagey politician.

Gerald apologized and she left. But I went over to the bar and took a photo because I'd like to help publicize her marketing message. 
Ashley's ready to rumble
Ashley came right back over and declared we were all kicked out and, "Why did you take my photo?!" I turned and said, Because I'm going to blog about you.

Then she had her man-servant push and shove us out of the not-gay bar. Why oh why are certain lesbians so militant? It must be exhausting. And penis envy... must be excruciating!


Anonymous said...


and I agree: they sure didn't seem like fightin' words to me!

Dtown~Blog said...

Sounds like lady is battling with some inner demons