Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Worthy Project of the Week!

I’ve written recently on the many-headed hydra that is self-loathing. In my opinion, (perhaps an oversimplification), it's the ultimate source material for queer self-destruction and bad behavior. One extreme manifestation of self hate would be sexual cutters - people who actively seek out the HIV virus. “Chasers,” they call themselves.

Max Rhyser, an incredible actor (he features in both A Four Letter Word and Violet Tendencies) and amazing person, has interviewed a number of people on this subject, and also about why younger generations are apathetic when it comes to protecting themselves and others. “It was heart-breaking and yet inspiring to hear all the interviewees repeat one common theme, that of self-love. Everyone living with HIV/AIDS expressed that if they had more self-love in earlier years, they wouldn't be sitting in that interview chair.”

He’s now starring and producing with Sal Bardo a short film “Chaser” that asks the question: why?

Chaser is a fictionalized story based upon those interviews that centers around “Zachary” - and Max told me a bit about why he is telling this particular story:

“When I was 18, I read an article about "Russian Roulette Sex," - the thrill factor... it terrified me. Truly. Back then, HIV/AIDS was still considered a death sentence. As a result, I did my best to stay away from sex, until I found myself in loving relationships. But I was foolish and believed if I was in a loving relationship and we got tested, then it would be okay to trust each other enough to stop having protected sex. I'm lucky. I'm negative. But I'm not sure I've always placed my trust in the right person, even when I did love them. I say none of this in judgment and I’m not preaching. We're on a mission to discover why this is happening, to discuss it openly and to shed light on darkness.”

You can help them tell this important story by contributing to their production campaign on Indiegogo. Click below to spread the love (self and otherwise)! It's the answer.


Anonymous said...

Do these type of people really exist? I know some are apathetic about contracting HIV, but people actually chasing it? I think this is an urban legend.

Anonymous said...

No, unfortunately such self-destructive behaviours are a reality...