Friday, March 23, 2012

Perving at the Pool

There was a time I went to bed at dawn, but now I'm up before it to hit the Boy Charlton Pool. In the early mornings, it's packed with rush hour squads and swimmers splashing, otherwise noiselessly working out. On weekends, below, the actual pool is empty, but the place is buzzing. The right side I call the catwalk.
It's littered with sickeningly perfect bodies all parading the thin walkway or lounging in the sun. In fact, I often walk around the other side of the pool because I can't stand the prying eyes and the pressure of the catwalk! But it doesn't mean I don't want to check out what's on offer. In fact, the Aussies have a perfect term for this: perving. Or, having a perv. 

As in, "check out my friends Gerald and Drew having a perv below".
And what were they perving this perfect Saturday arvo? Yes, the view is better from the water!

In between the peep show, I was able to chat with writer Jack Arthur Smith, who interviewed me for Gay Star News about the festival circuit, recent projects, and "what life in laid-back Australia is like for an American with a fast attitude and a loud mouth"!!

Life is pretty laid-back! It's rather difficult to have a loud mouth here. Especially when I'm face down underwater doing laps. Sometimes I question (but not often) having grown up exercising. It's forever now a habit that you can't quit, you've just got to keep doing it vigorously. It's kind of like when you start bleaching your hair, and then you dye it pink, and...don't get me started!

But the Boy Charlton Pool closes for the season very soon, so that will be that. Then again, there is a stunning all-year alternative in North Sydney!

Pics courtesy of my pal Brady from his fabulous blog about his adventures around Australia and NZ!

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