Thursday, March 15, 2012

Minnie Swim does Sydney Harbour

I've been swimming with friends Drew and Gerald a couple mornings a week...  unofficial swim club, even though we've been known to chat at the end of the lane while squads do the hardcore swimming. On Sunday, we decided to take the plunge and race the 2km Syndey Harbour Swim!
Jesse, Drew and Bam
My hair is still pink, residual festive mardi gras.... and when they asked what was going to happen to my hair in the harbour, I think they were more worried about what my hair was going to make happen to the harbour! Thankfully, the race gave out caps. I had a light blue Marge Simpson cap.

Bam doesn't go to swim club, ever, but he's a Shire boy so he's not afraid of the water...or is he? 
Bam scans the course with nervous anticipation
My friend Gerald was so concerned about his first open swim that he didn't register for the 2km, he registered for the 1km swim. "You can't do that," we told him, "the 1km is called a MINI-swim!" to which Gerald replied we were being classicist. We responded by establishing his aqua drag name, Miss Minnie Swim.

Not sure he'd even survive the 1km, Minnie even signed up under a pseudonym! "I won't have some future date google-stalk my name and found out I came in dead last in a mini-swim!" Who's classicist now?

I messed with my entry, too, having seen in the results of my Tamarama to Clovelly that they put your name and neighborhood along with it. "Jesse Archer" and uppity "Elizabeth Bay" just didn't look right together so this time I represented "Gutters of Kings Cross" - and it says so in the results! Of course, I should have put in my aqua drag name, Marina Tack.

The 2k course was full of buoys and turns and made me really wish I had sonar. Or at least figure out how to breathe and see where I am going at the same time. The 2k was really crowded with swimmers. I have never been climbed upon or climbed upon others underwater before. So that was... new!

And they're off! Can you see all the swimmers? The mini-swim begins. 
Drew says the water spraying is to scare off the sharks ;)
As it turned out, Gerald did excellent and really wished he joined the 2km. Next time!  
Minnie Swim surfaces
I survived

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Tony said...

Hey Minnie Swim -

You boys are such JOCKS, looking all cute in your speedos.
Well done, though. That couldn't have been any easy swim. Longest I've ever done in open water is 1 mile and that was when I was a kid sometime in the past century.