Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I hit Melbourne for the world class festival MQFF headed by the amazing Lisa Daniels. It's only my second trip to Melbourne, and I love its vibrant, eclectic, electric feel. The city is alive... with layers! Imagine a manic mix of uber-gay film fest and simultaneous whir of Formula 1 Grand Prix racing. That's diversity!

It's CBD is filled with laneways and passages, some with graffiti, others with European style cafes and restaurants. The people are friendly, stylish and nightlife was all hidden down some alley or up stairs.
My friend Gabriel, a recent transplant
We were hosted by the incredible Cullen Hotel in Prahran. It's one of three Art Series hotels, featuring the work of prominent Australian artists. Adam Cullen's work is colorful and provocative and ghastly all at the same time. I didn't mind living in that world at all, as you might imagine!
I got to spend time with my friend Gabriel, and new friend - Ka-Hoi who showed us the best of this city's surprises. We hit up a swanky bar called Madame Brussels, named after a legendary Madame, but this bar, at the top of a dodgy, non-descript elevator, was all tennis themed - with parquet, lattice, raquets, fake grass and all the staff in crisp white tennis attire. Random and unexpected to behold!
MQFF audiences were amazingly receptive, and not only did I intro screenings of Half-Share and Going Down in La La Land at the ACMI, I got to celebrate their opening night gala with Magda Szubanski and catch the Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker film, Cloudburst!

Thanks to Asha at Limlight PR for my appearance on the Andy & Adrian radio program early on Joy FM (fabulous to finally meet these funny fellas in person, and sorry for saying the word COCK live on air!Shocker!) and also for arranging the MX mag photo shoot, a pink hair affair passed out to commuters on Friday!
I was able to see a bit of hipster-haven Fitzroy, with its warehouse-like microbreweries and shopping.

Thanks, Melbourne... I'll be BACK!

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