Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mardi Gras Photos 2012

One thing about Mardi Gras - if it didn't exist, what would be anyone's excuse to get fit? Another thing about Mardi Gras - everyone is really awesome about it. On the day of the parade, I was in a pharmacy getting antibacterial eye drops for my spooneedled eyeball - and this really old lady sees my hot pink hair and says, "Have fun tonight...I hope it doesn't rain" I thanked her and said, "Me too, or my hair is going to streak."

She says, "I'd hate to see your pillowcase in the morning!"

We hit a party at my friend Rowena's and watched the parade swing up Oxford street undeterred despite the rain. Then headed out to the Mardi Gras after-party.
Jesse, Brady, Finola, Bam
men randomly undressing.
My pal Heather Numberone was not playing around!! Whole body camo paint and that headdress!
She was particularly proud of her matching red merkin, though...
I was feeling right at home in this inflated pink flower on the dance floor of the Forum.
With Stan
Galactic tights by Black Milk, sunglasses by Dizm, hair by WHY NOT?!
It was a heaving, sweaty wet BOY SOUP on the dance floor at the Royal Hall of Industries. At capacity crowd waiting for Kylie Minogue. She came on at 2am, and stayed for half an hour singing a medley of her hits with a legion of hot dancers and the costumes? It was very Aboriginal over the rainbow.

What a stage! To the crowd, she dedicated one of my favorites, Better the Devil You Know. And she came back to encore with a massive finale of All the Lovers! Bam got the whole thing on youtube.
We couldn't take our eyes off what this hottie was(n't) wearing. He definitely pulled off this marvel of sartorial engineering!!
Bam, with his potent powers of observation, declared "It's like he's dancing naked!"
The party raged on, a sold out 15,000 people strong, in five venues around Fox Studios. Had to work that pink hair (which has outworn its welcome, BTW!) and found I had landed on a bunch of Sydney (anti-)society pages last week! Lost my friends one by one throughout the night, including Bam who, cleverly, said to me at the Hordern, "Go dance --- I'll watch you." And then disappeared to go... sleep (whatever that is!) I was the last man standing (stumbling?) at 8 am.

Real girl alert!
 I love it when you say "show us your ass!" and they do.
Mickey Mouse
Katie and Janna
After two hours sleep, we went to Bam's mother's birthday luncheon in Coogee. This happens every year! I know she's been celebrating longer than Mardi Gras, but I pleaded (in pink hair, sunglasses, hands trembling on the teacup) if she couldn't re-arrange the date next time?

We left her luncheon for the "recovery party" at Toybox. Of course these recovery parties only actual recovery will be postponed until Thursday but... so be it!

Stan, Bam and Brady!
Aaron with Matt Maggiacomo from NYC
Stefan and Bruno. These boys really need to work on their Mardi Gras diet, right!?
ToyBox party at Luna Park. Another few spins on the tilt-a-whirl.
 Aerialist and confetti, confetti, confetti (it just keeps coming!), streamers and "It's Raining Men!"

Lasers in your face!
Bam are you lost??
Back on Oxford Street, we hit up Polly's Follies at Stonewall. Polly is a venerable old queen who does a couple numbers and then lets amateur drag queens come on stage to perform. Polly sits back in her corner sipping champagne and makes fun of them. It's hilarious. We often catch her show on Sundays.
Here is Polly looking oh so supercilious. But what do you really think of this act, Polly?!
I felt the same way about the world the next couple of days! Happy Mardi Gras 2012!

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