Thursday, March 08, 2012

14th Arrondissement

Several years ago, I saw the collection of short films Paris Je T'aime. Some of them featured famous actors or filmmakers - but the one that hit me was the touching final short, 14th Arrondissment. After all these years, I still remember the name of the protagonist, Carol, a simple American tourist, who recounts her experiences on a solo trip to Paris via an essay she wrote for her French class.

The wordcraft is magnificent, I'm not surprised to learn it's written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Alexander Payne. Love, beauty, life, it's all ephemeral. And much like Carol, you're not quite sure whether to feel joy or sadness. This poignant little piece may be the best short film you've ever seen.


sam said...

it does keep you silent and gazing into space for a moment after it's finished.
I guess it also has a special ring when you're away from everything yourself, just like Carol. can't put a name on that emotion either, but I can somehow feel it too
also, it's always nice to see some familiar places
Thanks for sharing that Jesse

Jesse Archer said...

my pleasure, Sam ;)