Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sydney's a Superficial Bitch...

and trust her love ain't Platonic! Check out this hilarious piece on Sydney by Joe Hildebrand in The Telegraph. He satirizes the place so perfectly, as shallow insipid and vacuous. I've been saying this for a long while - Sydney is a supermodel, absolutely drop dead stunning but what does she have to tell you? And would you wanna listen? I mean, Capetown is just as much a stunner but at least she's dangereuse.
Isn't she a knockout?!
Imagine my surprise when the piece concludes that yes Sydney is shallow and vacuous; she's stupid and sucks but... she rocks! He's never been prouder to live here! Too stupid too understand why, I'm left wondering if I should move to Melbourne? He says that if Sydney were a person it would be Paris Hilton. What's NOT to love? Seriously. And if Melbourne were a person it would be Jean-Paul Sartre...

On the topic of philosophers, and resting my (his?) case, I went to Sydney library yesterday to check out writings by Plato. I wanted to read some of his work, any of it really: Symposium, Republic, I didn't really care. I found the philosophy section at Custom House library contained on a shelf the length of my arm, but I couldn't find anything there, or in the system, for Plato.

So I asked a librarian to help me, see if there was something from another Sydney library to transfer, but there wasn't. Zilch. Not one work by Plato could be located in all of Sydney's library system. PLATO! The librarian herself seemed stymied and keen to oblige when I asked, "Can you maybe... buy some Plato for your collection?"

Imagine how much easier it all would have been if I asked to check out a volume of that great philosopher and scholar, Paris Hilton! 

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