Monday, January 23, 2012

Off With Their Red Noses!

The Republican Presidential candidates represent Republican values - if you squint hard enough! Abortion = SIN! Homosexuality = SIN! Adultery = HOW DARE YOU ASK ME ABOUT THAT! (followed by a Christian standing ovation). 

While Newt Gingrich was having an affair on his ex-wife with his now third-wife, he was leading the charge to impeach President Clinton for an extramarital blow job. Of course, now he declares it despicable to question him about his own infidelities. The good ol' boys club (and a few crosshair-wielding women) always resort to crying victim of the "malicious media" when exposed for their glaring hypocrisy. 
How interesting to find you have to make a choice between a thrice married, cheating lobbyist fat cat and a multi-millionaire Mormon. And so the party base looks up to see that, on the political stage, it's not like looking in the mirror anymore. Why, that's exactly the way I felt growing up! 

What's it like to experience that disconnect as a fully grown adult? And so, the Republican Party is revolting. As Kevin Sessum notes, that last sentence can be read two ways - bless homonymy - and both reads are correct. This lesser-of-two-evils schism resulted in a South Carolina primary win for Newt Gingrich, and so we see multiple marriages still beat a cult based upon polygamy! Both choices, in their minds, beat a black muslim socialist! 

I'm inclined to agree with Andrew Sullivan's Newsweek essay, "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?" which argues that the current POTUS' long game will outsmart everyone. Except, of course, as he mentions, that startling (nasty) bit about being able to indefinitely hold US citizens without charges (WTF is with that?) and perhaps the policies that 

Even so, as the overpowering stench of grease paint wafts off the circus clowns masquerading as Presidential hopefuls, Obama looks primed to coast through November, laughing all the way at such farce. He may not be perfect, but unlike these half-cocked hypocrital hopefuls and the bumbling half-wit who went before him, this President of the United States remains an elegant leader of men. 


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

I certainly hope Sullivan is right, but there's so much rightwing s--t out there that people are swallowing whole, I'm really concerned that Sullivan may be too optimistic. Sending the piece around anyway. Will do the same with those two excellent graphics you put up.
Good job.

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks Tony, I can't imagine why people would be swallowing all that garbage - especially after knowing what Obama inherited...

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Are you dismissing Ron Paul already? Ron Paul is the only candidate, of both parties, advocating a withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq, and the other 85 countries where we have military bases located. Electing Dr. Paul, a true Libertarian, is our only hope of avoiding the financial ruin now enveloping much of Europe. Your Friend Jimmy

Jesse Archer said...

Hiya Jimmy,
I like a lot of what he stands for (but what are the letters he signed about the AIDS conspiracy theory??) and he does have support from a big chunk of young people, but after his poor showings in the primaries, he doesn't look to be a contender.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

There are lots of folks who are anxious about change and/or fearful of persons unlike them, and don't have the time or inclination to become more fully informed. So they buy the snake oil that makes them feel better despite the clear historical record or a logical evaluation. Scary.
We can only hope that enough sensible people will emerge to vote with reason and moderation when the time comes.