Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Years Tribe - Glamping in Lismore!!

Totally wretched after a New Years spent at the Tropical Fruits Festival. I blew a fuse, or maybe a total short circuit. It all began with a crude mood board. You see, the theme was: "Tribe"
the mood board: we were particularly taken with the slutty squaw at right
After senseless hours and dollars at the crafting store, Bam and I set out on our journey north. On the second day we stopped at our artist friend Carmel's in Red Rock. She enlisted her lovely lady friends to help, whipped out a sewing machine, and it was like a fag hag sweatshop! They began constructing our Indian costumes as we watched in awe.
Thanks Kelly and Carm! At right, Carm slices and sews my hedgehog beanie baby into a purse.
We left them the next day and get up to Lismore and set up camp. Tropical Fruits is a NYE dance party on the local country showgrounds, kinda like a farm. You camp out in tents with all locals, lesbians, transfolk and boys. Some of them really go all out.. in fact they couldn't stop comparing outposts: "my, that's the best erection I've seen yet!" 
The Shirley Temple erection nearly killed me.
this is what you call GLAMPING
Decidedly more downtrodden, this was our home - after hours
and happy hours!
It was hilarious to hear the queens setting up camp - making sexual moans while hammering stakes, their friends commenting, "I don't care what they say - you can give a good pounding!" Or another claiming he needed to stretch before such heavy lifting (the esky cooler) when another said dryly, "C'mon - if you were any looser you'd be inside-out!"

The whole event really is as camp as a row of tents. The first drag queens even made their appearance in the campgrounds before noon.

We met all sorts of colorful creatures. Including this older man (sewing Bam Bam's feather headband). His name is Ivo and he's Belgian. When his flemish family rejected him for being gay, he sailed for Australia at 18, in the early 1960's, and he never spoke to them again. It amazes and inspires me what some people will do for freedom. Thankfully we had enough burlap and finger paint to make him an Indian, too.

heather numberone, clark, nick and denton: "all the ex-pats that Lismore allows!"
When I put the eyeliner on Bam he complained when he looked in the mirror, "What have you done? I don't want the flick at the end... it's too feminine!!" -- and he instantly became the laughing stock of the campground, known as the guy who thought his eyeliner was not masculine enough.

they're playing our favorite song
The dancing is in what's essentially a massive barn. The grounds also have an art exhibit, several chill out tents...
and a cabaret where my pal Heather NumberOne performed her famous glow in the dark routine. 
Outside, I'm on a warpath without a tomahawk. 

You know she's debating using my head as an ashtray.
The fireworks were so flash and explosive, my face felt dirty just watching them. 
And then all the activity became too much for Haiawatha's burlap loincloth to handle:
My teepee for a safety pin. Thanks, Wade!
I pretty much got shot out of a cannon. So a New Year begins much as the one before! Happy 2012!

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