Thursday, January 05, 2012

My Latest Film Now On DVD

My first foray in Grand Guignol, the thriller Into the Lion's Den is now for sale, you can buy it at this link: Breaking Glass Pictures! With a stellar/disturbing script by Philip Malaczewski, the film takes all sorts of unexpected twists and turns as I head on a road trip through Amish country with co-stars Ronnie Kroell and Kristen Alexzander Griffith who are getting some great praise for their performances.
Here's a sample of the great buzz online (some below) to help entice you to pick up the DVD!

In this review from the Horror Fan, Into the Lion's Den is a hatchet-fest worse than a dozen American Idol wanna-bes with their claws out! And I play a ne'er do well who "reminds you of all the messed up, slightly charming bar boys with a destructive streak you've crossed path with." Wait, only slightly!? I'm losing it!

Christian Cintron at Edge says the film is sexy, startling and provocative - going beyond its B-list gore-fest to address deep topics, such as the gay community's flirtation with thanatos. Ronnie is captivating and "Jesse Archer shines as a washed up party boy with the perfect blend of sexy mischief and pensive introspection".

The Independent Critic calls it a relentless thriller, hailing Michael McFadden and Jodie Shultz as terrific villains and saying I have tremendous screen presence as the free-spirited Johnny. Awww. It was worth all the dungeons and electroshocks and slobber... oh my!

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