Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sydney Marriage Equality March

Bam and I joined several thousands to march today for marriage equality in Australia. It was a funny and empowering to force bystanders, shoppers, grannies, to take notice. And in a country with so little to complain about; a land where people are so mellow, it was surprising and exciting to see so many people come out for a cause. As I overheard someone say, "This is the most people Darling Harbour has seen since the Bicentennial!
We ended up filing into the harbour to chant at the government who were having a "conscience vote" (whatever that means) on whether gays should have equal civil rights. Basically, to show the ginger disaster that PM, Julia Gillard, that she's not only resisting inevitability - she is a hypocritical twat.

At one of my favorite local shops, BANG, the back of their promo postcards reads: "Julia Gillard recently declared her objection to gay marriage being 'our heritage, traditions and history' - so may we remind her that if we stuck to our 'heritage, traditions and history', black people would still be slaves, immigrants would only be white, women and aboriginal people would not be allowed to vote, and Australia would never elect an unmarried female PM living with a defacto partner."

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