Friday, December 09, 2011

Published By People I know!

Xmas reading or gift ideas? Congratulations to these friends who have had their works published. Understanding the fortitude (butt-glue) it takes to creatively produce, I'm very proud to present:

My pal Marc Andrews, and his two co-writers, Claire Isaac and David Nichols worked at Australia's number one pop magazine, Smash Hits, during its heyday. They provide all the gossip that's fit to print from behind the scenes during their tenure in the just-released  Pop Life.
Thrilled attend their awesomely 80's-themed release party at Hard Rock Cafe last week and though unfamiliar with Smash Hits - I can't wait to read all about it!

My pal Damon Suede (rough, but soft!) writes a seude-like sexy, successful (a best romance finalist) debut novel featuring two Brooklyn firefighters, 10 years post 9/11, in Hot Head. It's hot, it's heavy, it stars flame-haired Griff and Italian stallion Dante who look the same in my head as they do on the cover. While catering to the MM market, Suede manages to throw in subtle messages about family, truth, the American way - with a sweetness that by the finish gets downright mushy!

And now for some poetry! Carl Miller Daniels writes in the world of half-naked young hung men doing outrageous, naughty, sweet, heartbreaking things that they don't usually know they're doing. But Carl does! In his scintillating collection, Gorilla Architecture, read all about the remorseless Squid Fuckers (pg. 127), wild burnouts in Equals (pg. 53) or the ballsy guy and the mousey guy in Ozone (pg. 64). Of course it's not all about big-dicked men - it's poetry, which goes to places of whimsy, skunks, the smell of metal - asking just as many questions as it writes to resolve.
Down on Sydney's William Street, a plaque on a building reads, "This building was the setting of Vanity Fierce, Graeme Aitken's celebrated 1998 comic novel of gay Sydney". Europe may have building plaques reading, "Joan of Arc burned here" -  but Sydney is far more modern!

I rushed out to read all about the antics of uber-hot scene stud Stephen Spear in hot meddling pursuit of his best friend (and love interest) Ant, who he has unknowingly hurt with his own selfish insensitivity. Vanity Fierce is, I presume, based on WM Thackeray's Vanity Fair anti-heroine, Becky Sharp - and I have to say that a vainglorious gay world makes for an ideal update/retelling. I quickly finish and bump into Graeme and HAVE to know if Stephen ever gets his comeuppance?! He tells me there's a sequel he published last year - The Indignities - next on my hot/hit list!

I've loved Sharon Lintz from when we were part of a writers group in NYC and was introduced to her twisted, wonderful genius. After working for years in the porn world, she wrote insanely funny tales from her time (and creepy co-workers) in that world, and had it illustrated by various artists in her first comic, Pornhounds. 
She's back with Pornhounds 2 - finishing up her "career" (where she was ghostwriter of the porn star "editor" named Cytherea), a move to Tampa to teach college, and tales that include being a pawn in a "war" between two rival oncologists as she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Who's gonna do her double masectomy? Find out here!  For only $6! If there's anyone who can weave both porn and cancer together in a web of collectible hilarity, it's Sharon.

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