Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Toilets of Havana

What's one thing you take for granted every day that they don't have in Cuba? Pens for writing, shoes for walking, the freedom to criticize your stupid government for perpetuating this grudge of an embargo for so long - and not be thrown in jail? Yes! But here's another luxury you didn't even realize was a luxury: TOILET SEATS!

Imagine the welcoming ceramic as it caresses your backside. Apparently toilet seats/lids are impossible to come by and when they are come by - cost hundreds upon hundreds of US dollars. Mainly, it's state-run hotels have these extravagances. So if you ever go to Cuba, smuggle toilet seats in your bags and do their asses a favor!

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Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Regular toilet seats are a little large for carry-on luggage, I fear. Someone could make a fortune developing an inflatable toilet seat to sell to travelers to Cuba and even to Cubans themselves...