Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New York Was Not Sleeping!

Not last night - or ever. And I can't tell what I hate more, that shit is going on or that shit is going on and I'm not there for it? The hive of activity swarmed my Facebook and Twitter (this is to say not via mainstream media) as I was informed concurrently that a) Fire Island was on... FIRE and b) OWS was raided and destroyed by the NYPD. It was a most remarkable night (mare) in NY.

Fire Island Pines went up in smoke. The central harbor: Sip & Twirl, Pavilion, apparently all gone. So far, no injuries or deaths reported. I'm happy to know it didn't burn in August, when all flamers would have gone up in flames, but I can't help thinking of not only my wonderful friends who live and own businesses there, but the memories. If you haven't been it's hard to relay the magic that Fire Island is. I've seen grown men cry on the departing ferry, fearing return to the cruel real world. It's a safe homo haven that exists nowhere else on earth. I've no doubt this special place will rise again, resilient.

via Towleroad.com
The next thing to blow up was the sudden 1am raid on Zucotti Park and Occupy Wall Street by the NYPD. They moved in with batons and pepper spray and took back the park from the protesters, telling all press they were "no longer press" and claiming they needed clear air space to avoid helicopter news coverage. The MTA halted all subway service to downtown Manhattan, cutting access to supporters. Still there were hundreds of supporters who heard, via Twitter, and hit downtown.

I predict today a seriously massive rally/protest, that involves what's left of New York's middle class. Perhaps it was time to transform, perhaps tent city had run its course, but OWS now has the support of the 99%. There's a reason 2/3 of my parents children had to seek employment overseas. A reason why believing your politician cares about you is like believing your rapist loves you (credit: Judah Friedlander). It's interesting to note US capitalism is touted as the best political system when we owe millions to communist China. Explain that shit!

Explain why instead of changing the lobbyist maws that feed off your representatives and the fact that corporations are considered people, why the government shuts down peaceful protest with force and a media blackout? If you don't allow citizens a peaceful protest, despite nihilist anarchists and addicts who may suckle onto the movement, may I predict a future of desperate (times and measures) third world tactics: kidnapping and ransoming of the smarmiest of the 1%.

It took the left (and middle) a long while to come together, but now... it's (ahem) too big to fail. Bloomberg, you've got some 'splaining to do! 


Tony said...

Got the first of your Tweets at 2:42AM my time - practically fell out of bed since I hadn't turned my cell phone off. Please note that at 3:15AM Sydney time, I'm not tweeting or calling.
Nevertheless didn't know about the Fire island fire - that's awful. Thanks, since it hasn't been covered nationally.
As for Zucotti Park (and the Oakland park) being cleared by the cops: heavy -handed and regrettable to be sure. For what it's worth, I think it's critical that the "Occupy" movement turn its energy to voting out elected officials corrupted by our screwed up system.Tall order, a lot more difficult than putting tents back up. I hope one protester quoted on NPR is right: the movement has been adopted and internalized by the 'silent majority. We'll see.
Keep posting, Jesse.

Jesse Archer said...

sorry for the wakeup call, Tony. It was all going on last night, and I like your constructive idea to vote out corrupted officials. Much better alternative to kidnapping and anarchy, though I wonder which politician today is not owned outright?
Looking forward to seeing what happens next. At the very least, times are interesting.

Tony said...

Jesse -

No need to apologize. Always glad to get your wake-up calls - but it was fun to bitch about it.
You're right about most of our politicians being owned outright. It's certainly true of the moral midget Congressman in whose district I live, Eric Cantor. His campaigns are bought and paid for mainly by large corporations.That's why the 99% face such a huge challenge.
In a compelling article about the increase in poverty in the US, NYT writer Charles Blow says
"The lack of empathy for the poor and suffering on the part of the right is nothing short of breathtaking." Here's the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/12/opinion/blow-friend-with-benefits.html?

Jesse Archer said...

Yes and I think they believe it's all their own fault for being lazy or not working hard enough. I've read my fair share of Ayn Rand and am wholeheartedly for self-reliance, but often the unemployed have jumped through all the hoops they're supposed to in what has become a booby-trapped system destined to fail them.

Tony said...

Amen, Brother