Monday, November 07, 2011

The Latest on My 2011 Films!

Eating Out 4 is now out on DVD! Buy it, please don't pirate it. Support independent filmmaking and save your pirating prowess for big budget bullshit! In Sydney, pick it up at Darlinghurst Bookshop.

Not much budget was spent on my costume, er, cocksock!  Here's a screenshot from the shower scene with sexy Chris Salvatore:

Notable as the only film this year where Jesse Archer did keep his clothes on, and playing prestigious closing night at Chicago's 30th Reeling International Film Festival is Going Down in La La Land!
Whaaaa??! I know!
La La Land is scorching the circuit! Lauded director Casper Andreas and Allison Lane (who rightly won Best Actress at the Iris Prize in Wales for her role as the outrageously ambitious roommate Candy) will be present. Not sure if the superstar center of it all Matthew Ludwinski aka he who went down will be there, but dammit - get to Chicago and lick the poster!!
Also playing Reeling is my thriller flick Into the Lion's Den! It's playing Tuesday and my co-star, pal and supermodel Ronnie Kroell will be in screening attendance, and also hosting an after-party!

Where am I and what am I doing missing all of this action?! I do not even want to talk about it. Luckily, I was able to join for the Into the Lion's Den in Washington DC last month at Reel Affirmations. Fantastic to see the gorgeous cast and crew; fast friends made during the hectic shoot. It was also different and special to see them outside of rape dungeon!
writer Philip Malaczewski, Ronnie Kroell, Kristen-Alexzander Griffiths and me
Joey DiGuglielmo at the Washington Blade called Into the Lion's Den genuinely suspenseful and nerve-jangling. He also called me a grown-up-and-gay Dennis the Menace. Ha! And that was before I went blond!
Lovely cast and crew!
The lineup. Below, writer Philip talks about writing the script and popping his cinematic cherry. Ronnie is just happy to have passed the mic and not have to talk about how he couldn't drive stick shift!!

The outrageous Fire Island (set and shot!) comedy Half-Share, just had a successful run at the NYTVFest and we're finishing up some hilarious video promos I'll be sharing here shortly!

In the meantime, have you seen the trailer? Alec Mapa kills me every time.

As Half-Share plays more shorts festivals, we're already in talks for circulation and distribution. And speaking of births - Violet Tendencies is not only now available for download and purchase, but she made her debut on the LOGO channel last month!

She was also, tramp that she is, recently spotted hanging out in a DVD vending machine in King's Cross, slumming between Vin Diesel and Justin Bieber.  This is not a pleasant sandwich for a fag hag, please rent/rescue her!!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Just ordered "Eating Out - Drama Camp."
Who wouldn't want to watch a movie featuring a Jesse Archer shower scene?
Well, maybe my Mom, but I don't think she's into shower scenes in the first place.

Bob Frank said...

I placed my order for La La Land quite some time ago, so I imagine it will be coming sometime in the next few months. I also plan to order "Eating Out 4": so much to look forward to!

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks for your support, guys! Tony, yeah, maybe your mom (and mine) can afford to miss shower scenes ;)
Bob, I don't think La La Land is out until next spring, but don't quote me .. xo

Gold Star said...

It's always nice to see friends outside of the rape dungeon. Good on you for heading back and being the media whore you are. Just joking!

Half Share is great though and I wish you the best of luck with it. Curry and enemas - always fun to come home to... Did you know you can't even buy them at Priceline in Australia?! Enemas that is. Shocking...