Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's always too quick!

I gotta say it's not everyone who can put up with me, but those who do are dynamos!! And it's always good to spend time together - even if it's never enough time. Not sure what's the point of missing (or, for that matter, regretting). It seems like misplaced, wasted energy - missing is a form of backpedaling, and easily exacerbated with alcohol.

If you started missing everyone and everything you wouldn't take another step forward. So: hello friends, goodbye friends. It feels just like I never left you. And that makes me very happy.
Crazy Dan and Wayne

Mikey, Bam, Chad and Danny

Devan and Becky


Cooldan and Esteban

The Gang's All Here


Dtown~Blog said...

I don't know think you realize how great that little bit of commentary was...thankyou!!!

Jesse Archer said...

thanks, you! ;)