Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back to the Brink

NYC is enjoying a fabulous Indian summer and here I am with all the freaks atop the Standard Hotel over the High Line. This is the boutique hotel where people walking their dogs look up scandalized to see guests in the windows performing a striptease. It's a good thing they can't glimpse the top at night  or they'd really be in for an eyeful! ... Especially in Boom Boom nightclub's floor to ceiling windowed bathrooms.

I gotta say Tuesday night is always the best night out in NY, NY. 
the rooftop bar and midtown manhattan beyond...

creatures of the night
Dee Dee Luxe and drag king Murray Hill
Transparency is important
My Argentine ex Gabriel is taking the city by storm with his BF Emanuel. I've been having a blast with them and thankfully my Spanish came right back as they don't speak any English. This does not impede them from launching into conversations in Spanish with my friends here and also complete strangers - who have no idea what is going on.

When I tell the guys why they can't just speak Spanish to strangers and expect them to understand, they reply with: "But people here speak to us in English and expect us to understand!" and then they smile and flit off.  They're like big kids and I love it.
Gabriel takes the swing. 
Emanuel, Amanda Lepore and Gabriel
When they started yammering away to Amanda Lepore, I asked her if she spoke any Spanish. She replied, "Yes. I can say HOMBRE." !!
If you haven't noticed I'm a blonde and yes I'm having more fun :)
Gentlemen prefer me!

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Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Love the new "do," but from your hilarious pictures, it seems to glow in the dark. Is it radioactive? Hope there's no fallout.