Monday, September 12, 2011

Who Says Alcohol is a Depressant?

I decided to go on a reverse binge (only extremes pour moi) of no alcohol all month long. I’m having, yes, a “September to Remember”. And I’ve never been grumpier!! I have no idea what’s going on, but I imagined being productive, thinking clearly, intimating happiness. Instead, I’m a bitter little pill. Snip, snap.

I’m not even halfway through September, and I realize that what’s supposed to be a depressant actually works the opposite for me. I’m happier with alcohol! Which got me thinking: maybe it takes more time for positive results? Maybe pineapple juice, like a hermit,  is enough on its own? When I suggested to Bam the possibility I’d carry over my experiment in teetotalism into, er, “Ocsober”, he said flatly: “No, you won’t!” I'm that bad! 

Is there too much blood in my alcohol system?  


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Snip Snap,

I doubt if you have too much blood in your alcohol system. You may be suffering from a case of withdrawal.

You poor kid you! Alcohol is a depressant. Hmm,. . yup, . . .I bet you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

If you do continue with your abstinence, warn. . I mean. .prepare Bam for more bizarre behavior!

Auntie M said...

Probably. Isn't feeling better with alcohol a sign of have a problem with alcohol?

god said...

have to say that whenever i'm drunk i enjoy my time more, and am happier .though anything that alters my state of mind makes me happier ;). but!! dumb people as i like to call them have a tendency to put themselves in shitty situations with addictions and other sorts of shit and become unhappy!! so long as you're not a dumb then you're good!