Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I'm in Your DNA (Magazine)!

It's the only interview you need to be drunk to read! Thanks to Marc Andrews and the fabulous folks at DNA Magazine for featuring me in the August issue #139 . I talk about the Aussie release of Violet Tendencies, and my other film projects out this year and all my co-stars in Going Down in La La Land, Half-Share, Eating Out 4, and the upcoming Into The Lion's Den. But it's much more than that...
not me on the cover, in case you were wondering :)
DNA is like Playboy - you subscribe for the explosive articles! And I'm in a rare mood here - bouncing all over the place with advice, rants, merde and musings. Dodo birds, Stockholm Syndrome, and the reason I'm not into marriage is because I like a little tarnish (?) Do you ever read what you said and go...WTF? And yet I can't ever claim to be misquoted by anyone. Misunderstood, but never misquoted.

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Kenneth Walsh said...

I KNEW you wanted more public hair!

(And you're in Austrlia? WTF?!)

Jesse Archer said...

Haha, I know - but still, I'm not convinced the public was a typo!!

I'm just here trying to force an epiphany. Any ideas?

thegayte-keeper said...


Bob Frank said...

I didn't realize you had moved permanently to Australia. I guess I'll never get to be in another one of your movies, but I bet you have more space in your apartment and a huge amount of open space to go out into. I know you can be happy anywhere; you know there's no point in not being happy, and I'm sure you've fallen in love with Australia. Anyway, I'll get to see you in your movies (Can't wait to see "Going Down in La La Land", read the book but dno't remember it very well.)