Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Know What Happened Last Night

Have you tried the new Sleep Cycle app? You put it next to your head in bed and somehow it knows (by how much you rustle? Telepathy? Invisible alien probing?) how much and how well you slept. I caved to peer pressure and finally gave it a whirl - I even went to bed before midnight. Check this out:

I'm nocturnally bi-polar! More hills and valleys than the Himalayas!!!

I tried to blame each unfortunate peak on the lumbering oaf beside me rolling over or sawing wood.  The lumber oaf countered that the only peace he gets in a 24-hour day falls within those remarkably short dips. So what's this pseudo-knowledge good for?

Let's face it - the app probably gives you brain cancer as it measures your REM (be sure to switch off wifi) and the only real advantage I can see is a masochistic curiosity - because now if you have a foul night of "sleep" not only do you know it - you can show it! Sorry to be so cranky today, but have you seen my sleepcycle flow? It's gender-free PMS, a perfectly excuse to be a bitch! Hmm, I may be onto something here.


Anonymous said...

This could be the perfect example of a little knowledge is a dangerous something or other! Do you have a "Dr. Marcus Welby" app that you could submit your seemingly irregular sleep chart ( a bit like you awake actually!!) only to find out that it's not that unusaul and most people have similar highs and lows?? Just asking? Rickyricardo

Jesse Archer said...

yeah, knowledge is power and power is corrupt!!

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but I believe the expression goes: ' Knowledge is power and power corrupts.'

Not meant as a criticism, but just a correction.