Thursday, August 18, 2011

My First Gaga Post!

I was lucky enough to see her and her disco stick at the Highline Ballroom before she blew up. It was her debut CD release party where she not only dove into the crowd and surfed, she went to the back of the stage to get a running start! In her underwear! We all felt it - both her ass, and the fact she was going to blow up.

What I don't understand is all of those calling her a copycat and a rip-off artist. She's postmodern pastiche - with something to say. I imagine that it's the latter which drives people nuts. She has something to say and says it. If you have nothing to say, you'll skate through life like a contended goldfish. But realize you're inside a fishbowl and - whoa! Dare to have opinions and express them artistically, you can expect a backlash of bile from anonymous predators who can only ever critique, never create.

What's most baffling is that never before has a pop artist been so vocal and active in the fight for equal rights, and never before has a segment of gay men been so vocal against her - and lesbians largely indifferent. What is that about? I love her work and what she stands for. I don't call myself a Monster but she can if you like.

Have you seen the video for You & I? It's not at all my favorite song on the album (despite my fondness for country music), but the video is a stunner. And, as usual, all over the place: Gaga in (very convincing) man drag, crop circles in cornfields, barns, mermaids in bathtubs:

It's fun to hear fan takes on the symbols and metaphors - "Gaga realizes her boyfriend is changing her into something other than what she is, and at the end she's someone he wants to love but can't!".

It's also fun to hear what she says about it herself:  it's not meant to be an answer video; it's meant to be a profuse number of questions.

On how you can have sex with a mermaid:  You can't! Sometimes in love you can't make it work. There's this giant boundary between you and someone else.

On the ice cream truck at the beginning: When going down the road of life, the memories of destruction of youth get in the way...

Or...we can stop analyzing and just be arrested by the art!

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