Sunday, August 21, 2011

How Norway got its Cherry Popped

Lie down with mammals, rise up with mass murder. One month on and I’m still sad about it.  

While the rest of us all muddle about in medieval middle earth, there's lofty Scandinavia riding so high above us all.  A place like Norway has until now defied the laws of evolution – it's like they skipped gradualism and macroevolved into an entirely different species. One that is truly holy - intelligent, just, civilized, compassionate (read: godless).  Then a massacre happens by one of their own and Norway is yanked back, yolked to the beastliness of the homo sapien.

Norway’s innocence has been punctured, much to their surprise. Police took 90 minutes to arrive at Utoeya island where at first 10 were reported dead, then 86, now 69. They were so confounded they forgot how to count. But the biggest shock as the gunsmoke settled was the global sigh of relief: It wasn’t the Muslims.

That’s what everyone assumed, even peace loving Muslims. But then shhhhh Jesse - you can’t say that! The media hushes these truths – because they don’t want to be labeled assumptive, Islamophobes, “religiously intolerant”. So they’ll say it in other words, like these, in virtually every report: “The killer is a blonde, blue eyed…” 

Nope, not a Muslim!

In 2006, none of the media, not even New York Times, that showed the Danish embassy burning in Beirut (torched because of Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed) –dared to show the cartoons themselves. Yes, we’ll show the destruction radical Muslims caused, but we won’t show the cartoons which caused it. Religion gets a free pass even in the “free” press.

Why is religion allowed to hijack the truth? His government’s similar “handling” of the 2006 cartoon violence is one of the arguments Norway’s killer Anders Behring Breivik was making in his screed against Muslims and “cultural Marxists” and political correctness. 

This topic is not going to go away – and it raises very important questions that beg for even more important answers. Answers that are being bandied about by people branded conservative, people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali (see my post on her bestseller Infidel). Her latest, “Nomad” has changed my thinking on assimilating refugees to host countries in the West; into creating “citizens” and yes this may mean dropping our tolerance of the hijab and our unwillingness to call an honor killing an honor killing.

According to this conservative essay I’m not supposed to agree with, PC is deadly serious and totalitarian. Or consider this teacher in Florida who was suspended last week for calling gay marriage a “cesspool” not in his classroom or on school time, but at home on his own Facebook page. Where does the first amendment end and thought crime begin? Wouldn’t you rather someone show their true colors than have them pretend they’re not a bigot? It's not as if he’s the only homophobic teacher in our schools.

So Breivik is Norwegian, a right wing Christian. But now we’re not supposed to say that because Christians take offense. He’s not one of us, they shout. Someone who believes in Jesus wouldn’t do that! So screeches Bill O’Reilly.  

 And then you have the Guardian saying that he’s not Christian - he just hates Muslims.

But Breivik is Christian, if only because he says so.  It’s the same conclusion the Austrian government recently came to when it finally relented and allowed a staunch believer in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a “pastafarian”, the religious exemption to wear his religious headgear (a colander) in his driver’s license photo

Pastafarians have been touched by His noodly appendage
Nevermind that Breivik calls himself a Christian, and wrote the word “Christian” over 2000 times in his rambling manifesto.  What’s odd to me is instead of espousing love – Christians distance and deny. They don’t gather for love or against fear and hatred, but hundreds of them (joined by a few Jews, together again –for the first time!) marched in New York the very same weekend of the Norwegian massacre– shaking their bibles and ranting because the state allowed gay people to marry.

Are they not Christian, but just hate equality?

Another fact, avoideded mention again for reasons of “sensitivity” is that these Christians were mostly minorities – which is the marriage (minorities against civil rights!) most resembling a cesspool I've encountered. Instead of uniting for peace or against murder (or even divorce!) the religious find common ground in advocating division. And when this turns to suicide or bashing or murder or civil war – they cry victim. We only provide the atmosphere, we don’t push the madman over the brink – we love him. We said hate the sin, not the sinner! Don’t question my faith!

"We have just enough religion to hate, but not enough to make us love one another"
- Jonathan Swift

I wish people would look inside to find their gods. I wish instead of reading Neitzche and deciding to become an overman like Hitler or Breivik – that they would read it and rise above their homo sapien tendencies and be their own gods with mantras like the golden rule coupled the sentiment of Norway’s Prime Minister, Jens Stolberg, who said this about his holy land following the massacre:

Evil can kill a person, but never conquer a people.

More, please!  Alas, the mammals would rather march vs. marriage equality in New York and further divide. They even distance themselves in their rally from Westboro Baptist Church protestors holding signs like “God Hates Fags”. They said as much to them: You are not one of us – we can’t look at you because you are the manifestation of our love! I prefer Westboro because, again, show me your true colors – Westboro doesn’t disguise the truth that their god hates.

Their god kills and likes it. As does the god championing an end to “cultural Marxism” when he kills kids in Norway. And the god invoked with Allahu Akbar yesterday when the towers tumbled, today in Syria and in tomorrow’s honor killings. No matter what the media or peace-loving Christians may tell you, Brehvik is Christian, same as Al-Qaeda is Muslim.

The religious must absorb radicals as their own because at the end of the day, no matter how born into and brainwashed you are, religion is and will remain a choice. It’s whether or not you say you forgive - or what mood you decide you’re in right this moment. Religion is what you’re going to eat for dinner. 

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AJI said...

Found your pensive and lengthy blog interesting and thought provoking. Unfortunately, I do not have the wherewithal in terms of time and space to discuss my agreement or disagreement with the specifics of your comments/assertions/assumptions. To me, the major impact of your blog was to give expression to the horror that occurred in Norway. To understand how and why HOMO SAPIENS can commit such atrocities is a metaphysical question that is beyond man's comprehension on a par with how man can justify war. Perhaps in the future the answers will ecome known.