Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feast upon the 'Lime Parfait'

also known as "best reason NOT to select a paint color based on its name":
The 'Lime Parfait' looked good on paper!
The 'Sassy Scarlet' looks good in the bedroom and 'Fairy Dust' lavender is fabulous - but the Lime Parfait? Yikes, I mean...yum! Bam says it's alien poo. I say rather more like Predator blood:

Bam had the opportunity to buy another color at the hardware store this wekeend but says we're keeping the Lime Parfait. Not because it's growing on him, but he says he wants to have something to rant and rave about for as long as we live here. He calls the wall "Jesse's Folly".


Auntie M said...

But, Darling, it's so gay!

~Auntie M

Tony said...

Where did you find that paint color? I may need to repaint my bedroom soon...