Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All over Clover!

Bam and I entered Aussie politics volunteering for Lord Mayor Clover Moore's re-election campaign. A friend asked us to help out, and Clover's politics are progressive and gay-friendly and most importantly independent - but little did we know she is the notorious politician responsible for too many bikelanes in struggle-free Sydney! Gasp!

On the day, we handed out flyers to voters in Woolhara- and Clover graciously stopped by the polling station and even snapped a photo with us.  Little did we imagine that after winning re-election, we would land on the cover of her newsletter in all of Sydney's box! It's kind of exciting - what other politician would want to be seen with us, let alone featured on their widely distributed junk mail?  And I'm not even a constituent!
It's a Clover sandwich
She won re-election, BTW!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You have figured out how to get ahead and obtain favors in the world. In politics one gets involved in the political campaign of a winner. The more money or volunteer work you give, the better your position to ask for future favors.

As to picking you and Bam to be in the photo with her. She is no dummy. She picked two great looking guys! Positive imaging my boy, positive imaging!!

Gold Star said...

I say she did a little Google image of you and decided to add a little more 'edge' to her junk.

Jesse Archer said...

Ah yes, better than her edge on my junk!!

Positive imagining indeed!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jesse,
Let's just say she wanted to place herself in a publicity picture with two handsome guys to enhance her public image!! How's that?!?. . .