Thursday, July 28, 2011


Remember that internet prankster from a couple years ago who tried to pay his overdue utility bill with an image of a spider
David Thorne is back—or rather, I discover, he's still pranking - and herewith a new literary inspiration. His pithy pranks observe and expose our life and times like a mini Mark Twain, only modern and meaner.  In a nice way, if you know what I mean. 

His book is already an NYT bestseller “The Internet is a Playground” and it’s all bite size back ‘n forth bedevilry with those brave (read: stupid) enough to willingly wander into his digital, 7-legged spider web.

The not-invited to his neighbour’s party in Apt. 3 is a gem. As is this reply to the guy who wrote to tell him he was a “foggot”, which just may prove David Thorne is the most trenchant smart-ass the internet has ever known. 
I’m still hyperventilating at the references to manning motor homes or the girlfriend two KFC buckets away from altering the earth’s rotational access. *Fanned, favorited, fuck me with your head!


Tony said...

Well, I've wasted half the morning reading Thorne's stuff, thanks to you.
It is unbelievably funny.
The emails with Simon, the guy who wants Thorne to design him a logo for free is spot on. My bro-in-law and I used to get requests like that all the time at his ad agency.
Thanks, really.

Jesse said...

Tony, haha, that last pie chart is priceless!! :)