Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grab Gully!

My pal, party promoter Justin Luke has a hit on his hands with Gulliver Travels, which I got my paws on recently and couldn't put down. It's all about a twink who comes to NY to escape, only to find he's run into a whole lotta adversity - that includes a ton of fun, wit and porn (of course, with blue hair!)
Justin Luke self-published, using the digital world to bypass the old fashioned publishing world with its meager royalties (don't I know it).  But I'm proud to announce that the big time is coming back for him - the senior editor of Amazon's professional publishing arm, Encore, just signed him for a three-book deal.  That's like the 2011 equivalent of a 7-year contract at MGM!

The travel adventures with "smutty spitfire" Gulliver have just begun. Who knows - it could be an east coast Tales of the City? Doesn't that give all you aspiring writers out there exciting hope for the future? Sit your butt down and get write to it.  In the meantime, click to get your (now collector's item!) copy of Gulliver Travels!

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