Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting older ain't for sissies!

On my birthday this year, I was shot with a crossbow and raped.  And not in that order!  Filming Into the Lion's Den was an intense affair - a feature thriller shot in just ten days. Props to the production team lead by Dan Lantz. Somehow my most intense scenes both ocurred on my last day of filming, which just happened to be my birthday. It was a most memorable one!!

They found this really creepy boiler room beneath an old Philly bar for a torture chamber. It was filled with all sorts of tools and rust, ancient bowling trophies and table-saws meant for cutting metal. Wait til you see all the twisted things that happen to me and my friends in this film. Props to the wicked mind of writer Philip Malaczewski. But here is my rape table!
Jodi Foster had it easy on the pinball machine
And this is just rehearsal!
Actor Michael McFadden smacked me around pretty good and even drooled all over me!!! Mike, I'll get you back in the sequel ;)
POV shot!
Scary how easy it is to get into being dehumanized/dehumanizing. He's really sweet actually, and very believable! But yeah, it was intense down in that horrible dungeon.

Finally, we finish and emerge to the light of day. I'm sweaty and all roughed up and suddenly the cast and crew pull out a cake and card and start singing "Happy Birthday" to me!!  Amazing.  Amazing and surreal and freaky. Like, parallel universe freaky.

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