Monday, July 04, 2011

Gay Pride New York City 2011 Photos!

With NY marriage equality coinciding on the cusp Pride Weekend, it was truly historic and the energy was off the charts!  I didn't want to be anywhere else.
It was pure serendipity that I had the weekend off from filming "Into the Lion's Den" in Pennsylvania to make it into the city the very night of the landmark ruling.Went out with friends to the West Village.
Stonewall: Where it all began
We always infiltrate Sunday's Pride Parade with a different theme. In my absence, they chose "Lions Pride" which has nothing to do with the fact I was filming "Into the Lion's Den" or and more to do with the fact Wayne is a Leo and Becky has red hair.  Though they said it was because a group of lions is called a pride. Which makes absolutely no gay sense - but who cares?  Lion Pride was a huge hit!

We got ready in the morning at Cooldan's - with a team of support!  Makeup by Chad, photos by Charlie, and video by Derek
Getting ready with Wayne
Charlie Smith snaps!
Cooldan and Jesse soon to incarnate "Li-on My Back" and "Auntie Mane"
Carniwhore and Anita Gazelle
Lion-el Barrymore
Mistress of Ceremonies and Feral Fawcett.  PS. She had a flask in the other fishnet.
Will de Beest
Pussy GaRoar!
Dan and Esteban
Auntie Mane and Pussy GaRoar take to the streets
The Man Prey: Mason and Ross
Infiltrating the parade this year proved to be a bit of a hassle.  The Denver Post caught Pussy GaRoar's fence hurdling entrance, too.
Lion her back gets a little help from her friends.
Auntie Mane has arrived.
The Lion's Den takes 5th Avenue!
The garter didn't last long. The heels, however, are forever.
Thanks to Cooldan for creating our costumes in my absence!
high tailing it
best friends!
Defending the kill!  OR: Karen Black at the end of Trilogy of Terror
Our steadfast videographer, Derek.
Following a long walk home with a million photo ops from curious strangers, we took off for the 25th annual Pier Dance!

These two got in for free as "performers"! Ha!
Water cannons from a boat on the Hudson. 
And then I found my hooker cards from Vegas.  Sir, you bear a striking resemblance to "BRANLE"
Are you Maya?
A beautiful summer evening, breeze, music and sweaty bodies!
Martha Wash sings "It's Raining Men" and fills up the stage later with two more massive black divas: Robin S and Frenchie Davis!

Fireworks!  Dan puts me on his shoulders and sings to me
Happy Bday to Me! 
 click play for 12 seconds of the epic fireworks finale from the pier.
The Empire State Building goes Rainbow.

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