Saturday, May 28, 2011

Plank You Very Much!

Planking: Proof that Australians are seriously BOARD!! When the world imposes all too many rules and regulations the only thing a civil disobedient minded citizen can do is to...take it lying down. The planking craze - lying face down, arms at your sides, basically anywhere - has taken off with massive popularity even after one of its enthusiasts died in Brisbane after attempting to plank a 7 story balcony railing.

Despite the tragedy, plankers promise not to give up.  They will down fighting.  It's the planking spirit!
What else is there to do? So far there are 160,000 plus fans on the "Planking Australia" FB page.

You can find it all here. Including a celebrity (Aussie-speak for "wife of a footballer") who recently made good on a dare to plank the red carpet at the Logies awards ceremony.  Which you must admit is genius:

I'm just thrilled there is a sport I can excel at.  It's fun for the whole family! My gorgeous friend Yvie took us glamping (glam camping) last weekend up in Yengo National Park. She cooked home-made pasta and a whole snapper (below) to provide nutrition/ammunition for the planking that was to follow. 
Yvie, marry me!
I am totally stumped.

Bam Bam planks the water tank
Yvie, stiff as a board!

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F*ck off, I'm with the Band said...

if you drink box wine and plank it's called plonking.