Thursday, May 05, 2011

Medical Malpractice in Chinatown!

Turn your head to the side, and cough!  Look who has been spotted on the scaffold surrounding a housing project in Chinatown!  Paging, Dr. Archer! 
Free prescriptions.  Free prescriptions for EVERYONE!
This is a cropped version of a medical billboard that's been around since at least 2007, when Crazy Dan spotted me and said, "I know you're sick - but a Doctor?"  That one is still up on the LES, graffiti now covering my face. 

This is one amazing reason never to pose for stock photography!  But at least my parents can be proud of a doctor. 

It could be worse - like the six year old girl who posed for stock photography and got used on this anti-abortion billboard in Soho: 
The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb!!  Ha!!! Her mother is suing, but good luck.  You get paid once, sign the license agreement, and the stock photography service own the image and can use it at their discretion...forever.  

The very worst (or is it the best?) was when I saw was a stock photo of a lovely older woman, very genteel, happy to be modeling, smiling away as she was featured on a magazine article titled, "You're never to old to catch an STD".

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Dtown~Blog said...

Wow! I still remember the first time that image was used. Didn't realize the industry worked that way.