Monday, May 23, 2011

Ding Dong! Eurovision 2011

Millions of horny teenage girls can't be wrong.  Well, at least this time I'm with them.  Check out Sweden's Eric Saade - from Eurovision 2011.  He was robbed of the win, but he'll certainly get his wish: He will be popular! 

Eurovision is always kind of, um, folkloric.  And this year it was set in Germany, with a "German comedian" hosting which really carried the event from quirky folkloric to downright legend.

Eurovision got more bizarre after the break-up of the USSR and the addition of so many more nations, like this year's winner Azerbaijan.  Now they have to have several rounds (and days) of semi-finals.  You watch totally mesmerized at, for example, the entry from Moldova.  They wore long cone hats and out of nowhere comes a unicyclist in pink blowing a tiny trumpet. This may be the first and last impression I may ever have of Moldova. 

So if it's a statement, is it...artistic?  Political? We are so fun and carefree in Moldova!

Take Sweden's entrance above, him of the winning smile - and brown eyes.  Was he selected to prove not all Swedes are blond and blue?  They are so ethnically diverse and inclusive!  Or Israel's entry - Dana International - she won Eurovision back in 1998 which made huge waves, but not because her tune "Diva" wasn't catchy and deserve to win.  She made waves because she is a transgendered.

Dana International was back this year - and you have to wonder -  firstly, about her dress.  It was green with a pattern like palm leaves platted.  Like what they use to wrap dumplings in as they get steamed. 

Secondly, you have to wonder about the star-making power of Eurovision if its winner from 13 years ago returns not to give out a crown, but to compete again. She represented her country anew with a song called: "Ding Dong". I just about died when I heard that. But then the TV said, without a hint of irony: "Being true to who you are and finding inner-strength is what Ding-Dong is all about."


Shockingly, she did not squeak into the finals this year.  Somehow, Moldova did.

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