Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Return to the Island of Misfit Boys!

CoolDan and I are back with the fabulous interactive summer calendar for Fire Island 2011. Advertise with us...and bring all boys to your business yard!  Please RT! 

This year we're giving it away *FREE* (how unusual) to all share houses in Fire Island Pines and the Grove.
JADE's new and improved interactive 8" by 10" calendars feature 5 months (May through September) and (it bears another mention) will be distributed *FREE* to all share houses in the Pines and Grove.  If you're not out there, I'll be selling it on here.  Because this keepsake is the next best thing to the beach, beyatch! 

Ok, here's CoolDan's pitch :) 

2011 summer calendar features: 

-wit and pop (f)artwork
-an interactive chart for housemates
-major events held on Fire Island (parties, festivals, community gatherings)
-a "winners" circle from the interactive competition
-a round-up to record memories from summer season 2011

We are currently looking for advertisers: 

-  2”x2” ad space: available for each month (total of 5) featuring your artwork and priced at $400.
-  1” x 8” banner at the bottom of the calendar month at $300.
- 1.5" x 3.5" tower box to the right of the calendar month at $250.
- event listings: in plain text on a specific day, priced at $30.
-  additional all-ad space exclusive (and/or all season) offers available upon request.

Hurry, we go to print the end of April, so there is limited time for you to promote! Have a look at the cover (above) and sample months below.  Feel free to contact us to see more of our interactive calendar, or to reserve your ad space.

We are confident that your business will gain tremendous exposure and your endorsement will not go unnoticed by the community.  Thank you for your support, and have a great summer!

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