Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Gang's All Here

New York, New York!  I must be the worst guest ever, but that's only because I hate exclusivity.  I'm all for one and one for all.  So when Anita invited me to dinner, I said it would be just Cooldan and Bam and me....but then we stopped by Nowhere Bar and picked up 16 of my closest friends. 

When we showed up to Anita's, she had tripled the recipe and was prepared for the whole team simply because "I know you, Jesse!"  And her clam sauce was a hit! 

Wake up, Crazy Dan!
My long-time friends Christian & Jeremy had a fabulous unlawful gay wedding (photos to follow) this past weekend.  I was so excited to attend, but they also know my reputation.  Christian said expressly: you can't invite anyone extra to the after ceremony party -- and right after he told me, Christian instructed CoolDan to make sure to disinvite anyone I did invite...because he knew I still would. 

So fabulous to have friends who truly get you.  And make back up plans to cope with your flaws! 

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