Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats Christian and Jeremy

Move over Kate Middleton!!  At this unlawful gay wedding there were NO commoners! 

Congrats to my longtime pals, and former roommates of CoolDan, Christian and Jeremy.  
After ten years, and weeks of stress and family drama, they've unofficially made it official - and though anyone today can own Kate Middleton's hand-me-down ring from Diana (for $19.90 - certificate of authenticity included!) not everyone can pull off a stunning wedding in a dolled up Long Island barn!
with a live Lily curtain
A fabulous band - 
party planner Rob

CoolDan, why are you wearing all white?  "Because it could have been me!!!"
And then he interrupted the couple's dance:
It was all very emotional.  
with Adela and Scotty
Our pal Adela (above) had Pepto Bismol in her purse and was extremely sick earlier in the day.  On the way to the ceremony she even stopped at a Kwik-e Mart to puke in a wastebasket.  She told everyone she had food poisoning, probably from the shrimp she had for breakfast. 

But then photos of her from the night before surfaced and Adela was forced to admit her illness had nothing to do with shrimp:
The best part is the unopened bottle of water
Love this girl!

Love these boys!

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