Sunday, March 06, 2011

Toybox the Final Party

Happy Mardi Gras!  I have no idea how fat tuesday translates in Australian to gay pride - but there you have it!  Sydney celebrated Mardi Gras 2011 with a whole lot of fanfare with a parade and the all night, multi-venue after-party with world class DJ's, surprise performers and LOTS of rumors. 

"Confirmed rumors":  Alexis Jordan singing but shhhh, don't tell... Rihanna will appear at 2:30 at the Royal Hall of Industries.  Nope, she's at 3 am at the Hordern Pavilion. I heard from a drag queen who saw her backstage that it's really 3:30, back at the RHI, but come by 2:30 cuz they'll lock the doors if it's too full.  "I saw her outside!" Wynter Gordon is doing "Dirty Love" at 4.  Rihanna is on at 6 am.  7 am.  Definitely 8 am.

Many say Rihanna threw a hissy fit and stormed off the premises with her entourage around 3am.  Others don't care, as she isn't an icon and clearly doesn't care about gay cred.  And another odd thousand people this very minute are still at the RHI waiting for Rihanna to appear!  I love rumors.

The best of the best Mardi Gras "recovery party" TOYBOX 2011 confirmed rumors with fanfare that after 2011 it's game over.  They even put it in the announcement, but Cher's done that farewell thing at least twelve times.  The effect being the party sold out within minutes, and it really is the best of the best of the best parties at a big top inside Luna Park with, yes, real TOYS.
And boys!  It really is kind of awesome to see a big pen of colored balls (like at the Burger King playground) filled with half naked men.  And stuffed animals being thrown around a dance floor of thousands.  In the chill-out room I even passed a game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos.  

On the sweaty pulsing dance floor they passed out popsicles which took off the heat - and the music, it's this amazing sort of trance/vocal fusion, which I'm dying to download.  If I exercised to this kind of music, I wouldn't stop until my ipod gave out!

And they LOVE the lasers on the dance floor.  Lasers of every color, everywhere, right in your eyes, and some galactic drag queen decked out in geometric mirrors is hanging high from the ceiling lip synching to the last song "Reach for the stars!" Streamers and confetti, miles and miles of confetti and - wheeeee - a big orange HELLO KITTY doll flies past. 

Toybox is rumored to be traveling to North America next year.  Or was it Europe?  Rihanna's performing! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a blast! Wish I was there... ~Dtown Sal

Jesse Archer said...

Sal, who knows - it could be coming to you in Canada ;)