Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP Dame Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

May she be judged not by the size of her diamonds, but by the size of her heart.   

You thought Elizabeth Taylor would live forever, right?  She'd been through so much, what's a little congestive heart failure?  Surely La Liz would live to marry yet another man.  She was not just a legendary beauty and talent.  She was a woman unafraid to wear purple.  A glamorpuss who befriended the friendless; an AIDS activist who fought for funding far before it was popular to do so.  She was the original fag hag.  I'm devastated at the loss; grateful for her love. 
"procuring" for Monty Clift in "Suddenly Last Summer"
She'd probably want you to donate in her memory to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS foundation, AmfAR or the Whitman Walker Clinic - as AIDS research was all she cared for in her later years.  I follow(ed) the *authenticated* "Dame Elizabeth" on Twitter, so let me share with you one of her last tweets - a fitting testament to her legacy:


Anonymous said...

when 'decent' people would not speak of aids - she rose to the defense of her friends.

when there wasnt enough money she auctioned off some jewels!

i plan to travel to los angeles to stand on the route of her procession.

Mich Lyon

SaintSinner said...

I hope her funeral procession is televised. I think she would appreciate that, and also it would show the world what a gem we had in Elizabeth Taylor.

Quiet, please.
There's a lady on the stage....

Glenn Drake said...

I was so upset when I heard the news and I am still in shock. Sometimes I wish that I had lived during her generation just to experience the wonder if the Golden Age of Hollywood! They don't make them like that anymore for sure. She was the last of her kind. :(

Kimothy said...

Your thoughts about Elizabeth are beautiful and eloquent Jesse. I was lucky to work with her through the entire run and tour of THE LITTLE FOXES and we remained friends since then. She was an extraordinary human being with the greatest and bawdiest sense of humor ever! We were out to dinner years ago in LA after Elizabeth had started her unending battle to fight AIDS and all the stigmas hurled at the gay community.A lovely Beverly Hills matron came over to the table and began a long, heartfelt but overly "gushy" speech about how great a humanitarian Elizabeth was, etc. All ET wanted to do was dig into her dinner but as always, she patiently listened to the woman's compliments but started looking at me and the others at the table with that "bail me out of this look" we knew so well. When the lady took a breath, I recklessly dove in with "Yes. Elizabeth is very alike Mother Teressa but she dresses better, has better jewelry and she fucks!" Elizabeth laughed so hard she had to run for the Ladies Room. She told me she used that description of herself a number of times from then on. I loved her and will always miss her.
I miss you too!
Best regards to you and BamBam...

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks for that beautiful memory. How luck you were to have her as a friend. I'm sure you've got many more memories ;)
The closest I got to her was a card I saw up in Roddy McDowall's dressing room when he was playing Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. The card was from her, and it said: "Break every leg in the house."
Thanks for your wishes - we're doing just fine. I'm headed back fo a visit - so maybe I will see you?