Friday, March 11, 2011

Can we twitter our way to a new world?

Technological advancements may allow us to go back to our true nature.  That's the premise of this exciting video which uses a little science, some history, a great artist - and (let's be real) a whole lot of hope - to propose a better future.  One where human beings think "viscerally, as a family".

Thanks for sharing this, Carm.  Sometimes you get bombarded with the same message - as I seem to be this week.  This message is exactly what I was trying to get at in my recent posting about And The Band Played On.  How we need to collectively strip our artificial identities and get back to our innate truth which is love.  Yes, we are born this way!  It's hate which is learned.

The message of Christ, which has been slaughtered by Christianity, may be an empathetic civilization.  Replace "god" with "empathy" and see where we get.  As an atheist, I believe helping others through this slog we call life is the only thing that matters.  Why?  Because this is it, and the alternative to knowing this is it and not helping others is nihilism and when you arrive at nihilism, it's suicide-time.

As the video explains, there is no empathy in utopia or "heaven" because there is no suffering.  Empathy is grounded in the acknowledgment of death - that this is it, and we're in it together- and rooting for our collective survival. 

If you need further proof of the "mirror neutrons" (I admit the chimpanzee/peanut example is rather weak), I may be so bold as to share a stronger one.  Every time I'm feeling a bit bored and slightly masochistic, I go to  There are so many revoltingly rotten things on, but there's this one image that gets to me every time.  It's this photo of a man who is - alive - and whose bloody leg is entirely swarmed and smothered in squirming MAGGOTS.

When I think about it at night, I have to open my eyes because I can't sleep with that image seared into the back of my eyelids.  Still something compels me to go, every so often, to, and check on him.  See how he's doing.  You know, like a dare I can't refuse.  Or like when someone tells me no for no good reason.  It's the same imperative that draws an desperate alcoholic to chug Listerine, the same mad compulsion that keeps Charlie Sheen winning

Compulsion is the left hand of curiosity.

Which is why, if you do click below for the maggoted man, you are gauging your innate level of sick curiosity as well as whether or not your reaction will elicit the mirror empathy trait discussed above.  Be warned: Though your true nature is love, you may learn to hate me VERY quick if you do dare this link.   

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Anonymous said...

Some evil may well be learned, but I fear that some of the worst, like attacking the weak or sick, are inherited from the primitive, aggressive reptile brain that came with us out of the swamp. Fortunately we have evolved to where love is indeed a natural state. One could argue ( and some experts have) that love and compassion are an evolutionary adaptation necessary for the survival of humanity. No wonder some of the nastiest haters - conservative "christians" come to mind - hate evolution too.

I always enjoy interacting with you about this kind of stuff.