Thursday, February 10, 2011

Red Leaf Pool and the

G'Day!  There's no place for February like the southern hemisphere!  Look what's just a couple miles from where we're staying in Sydney - over a couple hills and down to Red Leaf Pool.
What they call a pool here is a fenced off section of harbor.  Red Leaf is a beach in Sydney's Double Bay.  We run here and dive into the water off the platform that runs the length of the underwater fence.  The pontoons are fun, too.  
Bobbling around in the water, sometimes I feel something grab ahold of my leg - or at least I imagine something grabbing hold of my leg and then I do an incredible splashy horror imitation of something grabbing hold of my leg and pulling me down, down, drown!

It's script development.  Our story idea is a shark that breaks into the pool through a broken fence post - and has a subsequent FIELD DAY of a feeding frenzy once inside.  The script sort of writes itself, no?*

The run back isn't so bad either!  Above Rushcutter's Bay:

*Bam's other film idea is "PlatyCroctaRoo".

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Auntie M said...

Nooooo.... don't make it so I'll never go swimming again... :(