Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog Watch

When wrong in the head feels right!  My new friend in Sydney's blog, Mostly Nightmare, is definitely worth adding to your blogroll for its stories, homework, and observations.  Or you can just look at the pictures, like this one from his post "common indicators of inertia".

How 2011 is this?
From wrong in the head to wrong in the body: If you're sick and finding that the doctors are only making you sicker - call my awesome friend Shawn!!  Shawn's studying nursing and holistic nutritional therapy after curing her own Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  She discovered "candida" (also, I discovered candida in the mouth - thrush - was one of the first signs of early AIDS) was the culprit - and if you're interested in cleansing your bowels and/or discovering how to get your body running optimally - check out her blog The Candida Club!

The candid (not candida!) and hilarious photo/essay blog Born This Way, perhaps tied to the release of Lady Gaga's latest track - has blown up on the internet.  Gay men and women post photos of themselves as children, showing innocently their innate selves.  Accompanying anecdotal bios are heartfelt, hilarious and touching, especially reading about parents who indulged and nurtured their children's personalities, and the confidence of kids who dared to stick out and stick up for themselves.
Just WAIT until they get a hold of me rocking my mid 1980's short shorts and half-shirt combo!  

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