Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why do birds suddenly appear?

and squawk their beaks off at 7 in the bloody morning?!  Do you love how I fit that word in "bloody"?  Apparently it's a swear word.  The answer - about the bloody birds, some of which are rather pretty if they weren't so LOUD (pretty things, like children, are best seen not heard!) is that I'm in Australia!

We've settled into east Sydney with a murphy bed (I always wanted one of those. More room for pirouettes!) and a frangipani tree blooming across the street.  Happy Australia Day!

Australia Day falls on the date of the first fleet's arrival into Sydney harbor.  The arrival of the prisoners to their new PENAL colony! YAY!  WHY do they celebrate this date?  I mean, clearly the inmates fared better than the continent's walkabout Aboriginals following First Fleet's arrival, but January 26 couldn't have been a glorious day for the convicts, unless, perhaps shackles feel better on land?

And WHY are Australia's colors green & gold when their flag is red & blue? 

WHY call it Australia Day?  They should call it Aussie Day because no Australian I've met has ever pronounced that word in full, or (frankly) any word they can't reduce and cute-ify into two syllables or less.  And so it is that Aussies on this G'day grill on the barbie in the arvo with a mossie in their cossie.  Catchy, right?  Bloody hell!  I'm going to start speaking like that very soon, mate.

Oddly, Aussies tend to stretch the simple word "No" into a whining, stretching, meowing marathon of: "Naaaahhhwwwwwrrr", which is also quiet catchy yet not at all as cute.

This switcheroo reminds me of the French, who CAN'T HELP but plop an "H" onto any English word beginning with a vowel (no, you don't hate lunch.  You ate lunch!) Then, miraculously, all of a sudden they absolutely cannot pronounce an H where it actually does belong.  OLY ELL!  You just said you hate lunch, but now you ate grammar?  What is wrong with you?

So many impertinent questions today.  Hang it all (or, as the French like to say, ang it hall), I'm going to the beach! 


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Looks like you'll soon be speaking like an Aussie.
But what about the real test: loving Vegamite?

Jesse Archer said...

hi Tony,

yikes. Vegemite is the definition of "acquired taste"!!