Saturday, January 22, 2011

Violet/Velma Mash-Up!

Find out why the sidekick takes center stage.  My pal Deon over at Arizona’s ION magazine (check out Marcus Patrick on this issue's cover!) put out this fabulous triple interview with Mindy, Casper and myself!   Click to make it bigger.
If you're in or near Phoenix, Violet Tendencies is playing at the Desperado Film Festival on January 29th!  Coming up, the film opens theatrically in Denver, Colorado, February 11th - and is coming to Sydney for Mardi Gras.  Keep up with screenings and info on Violet's facebook fan page!

Many of you know Mindy Cohn is also the voice of Scooby Doo's Vilma Dinkley.  Vilma is basically the Facts of Life's JO: the show's token lesbian.  Only Vilma's not a lesbo, at least not in this incredible Violet/Vilma mash-up, created by one of Mindy's fans.

Apparently the fan's "inner child" wouldn't let her include the racier bits of the trailer.  Inner children suck!!  How awesome would it be to see Vilma talking about her FUPA? 

In any case, I never realized how perfect Kim Allen is in the role of Daphne. And I'm truly thankful I got to be the hot blond (does he even have a name?) and not, ew, SHAGGY.


Glenn Drake said...

Goodness, you BIG CITY folks sure do have a lot of fun. I knew there was something that I was missing by living out here in Kentucky. I did not even know that you did the voice of Fred. I really want to see Mindy Cohn on film again. I was a big fan of the Facts of Life. Thanks Jesse now I will have that theme song in my head for weeks.

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Glenn, I love that theme song too! Hope you get to see Mindy in "Violet" - she's amazing.
My best to you in Kentucky!

Glenn Drake said...

Thanks, Jesse. I will try to see this movie one way or another. I have seen most of your movies or the ones you appeared in even if it was for just a little bit. Keep entertaining us every way possible.

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks for the support, Glenn!! :) xoxo