Saturday, January 08, 2011

Tropical Fruits 2011!

Fruitbowl in the Paddock!!  Bam and I drove up to northern New South Wales to join the country gays at the annual TROPICAL FRUITS festival.  You must try put this party on the bucket list!
my new FB profile pic?
In the showgrounds of rural Lismore, Australia, where they usually pen up the cattle and show livestock, thousands of gays and lesbians are pitching tents.
Some had kiddie pools, everyone had cocktail coolers, we had a borrowed tent we didn't know how to put up and soon became a spectator sport. 

The ground was filled with sunken divets of horse and cattle hooves, so it was a bit like sleeping on a bed of scattered shot put balls. Not that we slept much.
The party happened in the main pavilion -and you haven't lived til you see a lesbian take the stage at a circuit party dance, and start whaling on a massive saxophone together with the DJ!  The crowd went wild.  
The Tropical Fruits festival reminded me of the county fair, except instead of elephant ears and ferris wheels you have a big country dance party with goldfish
 A cabaret
A Bam with a videocamera (scary)
A chill out tent with visuals
 Drag queens, of course.
 A....Cara VanPark
 Action on hay bales...
 Instead of Prize-winning vegetables on display, prized art...
And at midnight, cock-a-doodle-do!  2011!  Fireworks light up the main showground
The next day, we dragged ourselves out of the tent and to the Pool Party - where the tropical fruits got fresh!
what's wrong with Speedos again?
Lucky Ducky
Super-soaker in stealth

New friends from Brisbane!

this stud is a force to be reckoned with on the floating castle
They had this amazing floating balance beam, watch this video I took:
I made it all the way 3 times (out of about 100).  There were a couple of ladies at the pool, besides the lesbians:

Did the two drag queens above:
a) both eventually attempt to run across the pool on the long red floaty thing?
b) both fall off losing their wigs, nails, and poise? 
c) bring down the house in the process?

Check, check, and check!  Oh, and have you ever played on one of these floating obstacle course castle type things? I couldn't stay off it.
Things started out harmless enough
but soon got physical.  *Note guy racing down balance beam behind.
roughhousing on the high seas!
I have a) never had so much fun in my life on a hungover New Years Day, and b) been so sore in my life. Too bad you can never do this kind of thing in the USA, and I said as much to a reporter for the Northern Star paper.  She asked me how it could get so physical and yet lack aggression.  I'm like, we are gay!  And here's my first bit of Aussie press!  Including a shot of me being tackled into the water:


carmie said...

only you would be the one singled out for a story when there are almost a thousand gays and lesbians to choose from! must be your sparkle! haha

Jesse Archer said...

ha, thanks Carm -funny that, huh? Wish the Lottery worked the same!

Jesse Archer said...

ha, thanks Carm -funny that, huh? Wish the Lottery worked the same!

Tony said...

Already making a splash in Oz, I see.